Sizing process


Bamboo fiber strength, elasticity are worse than cotton […]

Bamboo fiber strength, elasticity are worse than cotton, wet strength is low, elongation, high temperature, higher requirements on the slurry. It is necessary to have a better penetration to be properly enhanced, but also have a good coat with hair folds, forming a soft and smooth serosa, serosa both have a certain rigidity, but also to prevent too brittle and brittle break. Sizing process in the use of high concentration of low viscosity paste, mainly to oxidized starch, PVA, acrylic paste, supplemented by slurry formulations.

In order to reduce the wet elongation of bamboo fiber, to ensure strong sizing, sizing process using a lighter grouting force in order to achieve good sizing penetration and reduce elongation. Sizing the use of moderate speed, and control the appropriate sizing moisture regain; Sizing regain less than the official moisture regain when there is better weaving. In order to make the bamboo fiber absorb moisture and weaving, increase the softness of the sliver lubrication, so that the sizing can withstand the tension when weaving to reduce weaving breakage, sizing speed of 40m / min, sizing regain of 10% ± 0. 5% range. Under the premise of controlling the constant speed of sizing, reasonable control of the wet zone tension in the sump reduces the unintended elongation of the yarn under wet high temperature to ensure the yarn has good elasticity and reduces the warp yarn breakage rate on the loom , Elongation should be controlled within 1.2%.

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